The Rishi Teachings Disclaimer

The Mataji’s teachings are a radiant resource for enlightened living. They are renowned as a being a catalyst for profound depths of spiritual awakening and enrichment. They are powerfully omnipresent.

Therefore, it is advised that you do not listen to audio or video transmissions while driving or operating equipment of any kind and that you do not engage in demanding activity during the time period wherein you are in a state of transcendent upliftment.

Powerful though the teachings may be, it is how you apply and integrate the teachings that determines your degree of benefit, and this is an entirely personal matter for which, with the Rishi’s auspicious blessings, each individual is nonetheless responsible. This is the nature of all true and authentic personal growth.

This disclaimer disavows any and all liability for current or eventuating mental and physical health conditions. The Rishi Teachings are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological health care. Please continue your full scope of health care and wellness provisions, and seek all necessary advisement for any wellness or health concerns you may have from your health care professional.

The Rishi Teachings, The Rishi LLC, and any and all companies or interests in which the Rishi is involved are not liable for your experience or your health as a result of your membership or participation with the teaching material.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

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