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Rare is the opportunity…

An encounter with Divine Presence known as The Rishi

“Rare is the opportunity to be touched into the depths of your soul with an encounter with Divine Presence known as The Rishi. Her beauty and radiance is profound. She reawakens the knowing and the remembrances at your core and tears begin to flow with recognition. You are home in her presence – home in your heart – seated in your soul’s place at the table of the divine plan. You know you are one of the privileged few – that you have entered the grace of infinite possibilities. If these words seem exaggerated – I suggest you find your way to find out for yourself. Rare experiences are all too seldom.”

Kathleen Francis,
Producer, Business Owner Verde Valley Wellness Center, All Things Creative Boutique

Words cannot do justice…

“What a priceless gift it is to discover an enlightened master of the Rishi’s rare caliber. It is as if she is speaking directly to me and a single sentence or word of wisdom shatters confusion in a way that applies to countless issues. It’s like opening a flood-gate to the deep roots of universal truth, while instantly cutting to the core of worldly circumstances. Words cannot do justice. The magnitude of her archives is not only life-changing for me personally. I know with a deep and persistent truth that they will change the world.”

Debra Davis PhD

Something rare and phenomenal…

“I knew that something rare and phenomenal took place the moment that I crossed paths with the Rishi. My eyes have finally been opened. Her dignity of divine presence simply cracked open all the doors that I had shut for so long. I have found how the simplicity of the divine brings the humanity back into medicine, back into life, starting foremost with my own.”

Ralph Zimmerman, MD, Oncologist / Meditation practitioner

Shattering the illusion…

“I am forever grateful for the shattering of the illusion, the opportunity to stand in truth and integrity, and to receive your love and grace. I remain awe-struck many days later and now understand what it means to have a divine encounter with an enlightened master. I am humbly grateful and smiling through my tears. The word medicine now has an all-new meaning.”

Dr Heidi Nordland

A gateway to pure grace…

“Shree Mataji Rishi,
I’m utterly stunned and humbled, awash in the light of your omnipresence. It is hard to put into words the power of radiance that you bring to the world. You are without question a gateway to pure grace!!”

Alice Maguire, Business owner, community builder, long-term divine devotee

Simply a master of masters…

“Om Shree Rishi Maa,
What you give to us all is like manna from heaven, literally. I have been raised in temples since early childhood and have been around gurus and masters my whole life. But you are like the sun itself. Pure radiance, pure love and simply a master of masters.”

Lalita Jordan, Meditation teacher, video producer

A true jewel among jewels

“Dearest, Dearest Rishi Maa…

The Rishi is the real deal, a true jewel among jewels. How utterly privileged we all are to have access to THE RISHI TEACHINGS at the mere click of a button. I have worked with these astounding teachings for over twenty-years now and there is simply nothing anywhere that can compare in scope, depth or potency. They are my daily bread. My telepathy has become constant, I have expanded my service by leaps and bounds, and my heart has been filled to over-flowing again and again. I am humbled and brought home to myself. Words cannot express by deepest gratitude …Thank you, Holy Mataji, Thank You.”

Margret Macaffey PhD,
Spiritual teacher

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