Accelerated Awakening & Conscious Transformation

The Rishi has wisely selected written discourses, videos and audios that provide powerful activations, transpersonal teachings and soul-based learning to awaken to your higher existence, shift beyond old patterning, ignite the light-body, and establish harmonic resonance with your master self. Trust your intuition to choose from short inspirational teachings, immersive transmissions and divine discourses that provide a modern road map for transpersonal growth and quantum ascension. To better explore your library….

The type of teaching is indicated at the top of each post.


Essential Integration ~ The Key to Mastery

Accelerated awakening is the Rishi’s hallmark. Her transmission of “divine cause,”  ignites your soul with powerful activations for the rapid expansion of consciousness. This shakti of divine fire from the Rishi is a sacred gift. It provides the spark of ignition for rapid growth to transpire. However, this extraordinary opportunity for accelerated awakening is best served by daily sadhana and “practice.”

Meditate daily. Feed your soul daily. Cultivate intentional transformation. Integrate your awakening. Engage immersion. Invite divine permeation. Anchor your light with spiritual teachings that entrain your humanity to live a higher order of life. When this is combined with “sustained immersion,” an accelerated path is assured through ego-transcendence.

The Rishi provides a highly purposeful collection of “immersive” meditative transmissions that are an hour in length or longer. Divine permeation is the “secret cause” that propels your advancement on the wheels of higher evolution. Revel in the inspiration of the Rishi’s short discourses, but be sure to take the deep dive into the divine permeation that immersive transmission provides and your master self will rapidly emerge into its rightful place of conscious creatorship.


Transmission Activations…
Guiding Wisdom and Jewels from the Rishi for Inner Healing… Sacred Fire for Completing the Karmic Wheel… Teachings on The Divine Design of the Avataric Prototype & Blueprint of the Lightbody… Awakening Your Master Self & Archetypes… Initiation, Ascension and Embodied Godhood.

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